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Volleyball Training Toronto

If you are an aspiring volleyball player living in Toronto, aiming to hone your skills under the tutelage of a dedicated team of volleyball training coaches, look no further than the Ronin Volleyball Academy. To us, volleyball is not just a sport. It is a way of life, and we take it very seriously indeed.

Whether you live in East York, Scarborough, North York or Markham, volleyball training in Toronto is right near you at a variety of gym locations throughout the city. Our coaches are as friendly as they are skilled, and they would be glad to walk you through the basics of volleyball, assuring your mastery over skills such as arm swings, wrist snaps and attacking footwork, and eventually moving on to more advanced matters, such as spiking the ball with perfect accuracy.

As an elementary part of each class of the training program, you will also be participating in practice sessions with your classmates and peers to put what you have learned to good use. These trainings focus on perfecting your skills as well as working out your areas of weakness so that our instructors can help you overcome them later. If your goals are high, you’re more than welcome to train more than often.

If you are worried about timing, don’t be — our multi-pass system can help you schedule your classes according to your own convenience. We also handpick our students based on ability tiers, so that all the members of a class are of similar skill levels. Group classes are held almost every night of the week.