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Scarborough Volleyball Clinic

If you live in Scarborough, Ronin is your first stop for a quality volleyball training experience. We combine an intensive yet fulfilling training regime with methodically planned practice sessions that are sure to bring out the best in any player.

Starting with the basics such as arm swings, throws, wrist snaps and attacking footwork, our volleyball training program will walk you through increasingly advanced techniques, and then enable you to use what you learn in practice bouts against your friends and fellow classmates. This method has been proven to be the best and fastest way to technical improvement, due to the challenges it offers.

We have devoted a great deal of attention into developing the group classes of our volleyball clinic in order to ensure that every participant, regardless of their abilities, is capable of understanding and learning the nuances of volleyball. We have also implemented a healthy feedback cycle that helps people understand and overcome their individual weaknesses through special attention.

Our volleyball clinic in Scarborough can be found at the Holy Spirit YMCA Centre, located at 3530 Sheppard Avenue East, behind the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church. We look forward to seeing you there!