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Markham Volleyball Clinic

Learning to play volleyball can seem daunting. It can even be challenging to those who know the ins and outs of this game. This is where our volleyball clinics in Markham can help you. If you’re looking to step up your game, we are the best solution you have in the area.

First of all, we offer group classes almost every night of the week. You can train with your friends in a relaxed, casual environment. We can help you prepare for the upcoming season or even stay on point in-season depending on your skill level.

Our format is very simple. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we have maximum 12 athletes in one session. Athletes with similar abilities are paired up, so you don’t have to worry about feeling like a newbie in your first few classes. Our classes are optimal in length and are very intense.

If you’re still unsure, we offer a one-class trial for $20, so you can see if it’s going to be good for you. Once you’re in, we offer a wide variety of packages. They are great for newcomers and advanced players alike.

We can be found at St. Isaac Jogues and Holy Spirit YMCA. They’re both short drives or commutes away from Markborough, making them great places to learn.