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Games tiered for your and your friends

Come and get your game on with you and your friends!

Individual registration is welcome but it is best to come as a team or group.  

  • Various formats and levels depending on experience
  • Often 3 courts of play 
  • Self ref’ed
  • Games to 21, win by 2 with 23 point cap
How does tiering work

All first time registrats are tier 1 (beginner) which will be automatically assigned once you’ve created a profile.  You’ll be assessed and your tier updated at your first session.

VOUCH – If you have a friend that comes to Ronin and can vouch for you being in a higher tier.  Please have them email us, and CC you, at [email protected] asking to put you in a higher tier.



  1. Full teams
  2. Groups by size
  3. Individuals

We will do our best to accommodate you but it is ideal if you made arrangments with friends and register a full team to play.  That way you know what to expect from your teammates.

Questions & inquiries

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