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Ronin is excited to announce an awesome addition to the coaching staff! Mark Macalino has joined Ronin Volleyball to offer his knowledge in all facets of the game. His expertise lies in blocking, digging, and passing; however, you will see Mark is a well rounded and versatile competitor. Mark had many reps digging and passing from playing libero at Seneca and he got reps at the outside hitting position. Mark’s athletic ability and hard work also found him playing middle blocker for a season at Seneca. As a volleyball player myself, I know what it takes to play middle blocker and head coaches only ask someone who works hard and is quick on their feet. Mark is quite nimble from what I have seen and this is probably another reason he was ask to play many different positions on the court. Mark was involved with the huge 9-Man circuit (NACIVT) playing with one of the top Toronto teams, The Flying Tigers, which gave him even more time to fine tune his blocking skills by playing the two ball position. Making the Tigers 9-Man Team was a great feat and obviously Mark has what it takes. All of this shows Mark has had his fair share of competitions as a player. He knows what it takes to develop your skills to become a well rounded volleyball player.

Beyond his own experience as a player, Mark was an integral part of the coaching staff for the Men’s Volleyball Team at York University. His main role was progressing the players digging and passing fundamentals. That is what he keys on when he is teaching, the fundamentals, as he knows that is where it all begins. Mark takes volleyball players to the next level by starting with a strong foundation and progressing their skills efficiently and effectively.

Mark will tell you he plays for fun of the game, the variety it offers, and the strategies involved. Men’s 6′s and reverse 6′s are his favorite formats but any opportunity to play a good competitive game is great too. From his experience playing and coaching, Mark enjoys the creative game plans involving blocking, digging, and hitting. He sees how the tricks involved with these aspects and knowing how to use them can really take you and your team’s game to the next level.

Outside of volleyball, Mark enjoys watching movies and playing many other sports. Skateboarding, basketball, tennis, hockey, ping pong, football and baseball are on his radar as well. You can say he dabbles in a little bit of everything and sports are a passion of his!

Mark has been to the OCAA Championships while at Seneca. He has done the 9-Man circuit for those of you wanting to get better in that format. Mark has stood on the other side of the court as a coach and knows how to handle players individual learning abilities. You could say he has been there and is now here with Ronin to help you achieve the development you are looking for. As I like to say, come check out Ronin Volleyball and the great addition to the already phenomenal coaching staff!