We are pleased to announce our first ever Ronin Friendly Tournament for our athlete and friends to play in!


  • 4 Men/2 Women
  • 8 teams, 2 pools of 4
    • Round robin, guaranteed 3 matches
      • Timed 40 min. / match, 1st game to 21 (win by 2, 23 pt. cap)
        • 5 min warning at 35 min, 5 more serves.
      • Top 3 per pool make playoffs, 1st in each pool get a 1st round bye
        • Ranked by W/L then by points for/against
    • A team from other pool will be assigned to ref each match
  • In an effort to speed up games a warm up court will be available for teams prior to their games.  They are badminton size courts with volleyball nets.

Microlinks Centre
2-30 Vogell Rd, Richmond Hill


  • Unlimited memberships – Free
  • Multi-pass memberships – 1 session
  • Non-Ronin athlete – $25 (cash)


  • Team captain – email us at [email protected] to reserve a team.
    • Email team roster by Monday, November 23rd
      • athletes full name, email address, membership type (ultd, multi, non-member)