When you walk into Ronin Volleyball Academy – you will see a tall, dark, and handsome man with a kind demeanor walk your way. (I may be a little bias – but I have been told this by others too.) This would be the Founder of Ronin Volleyball – Kanitha Boranprasit. Anyone who plays in the huge 9man circuit, Scarborough Men’s league, or the Outtahand volleyball tournaments in TO during the weekend knows him and appreciates his ability and skills for the game of volleyball. Beyond his experience playing, he has been coaching for years as well, offering a unique style that anyone can appreciate!

As a past collegiate volleyball player from the states and years of coaching all levels of players, I appreciate what Kanitha does to break down each skill of the game. I will admit, I was an athlete most of my life, and enjoyed being able to pick up on different parts of the game quite easily growing up. The real test came when I was a freshman at Central Michigan University, where you are back at the bottom of the barrel, learning to survive, grow, and prove your skills again. Trust me – it was tough but I am stubborn. I survived the battle and went on to having a good career. However, now knowing someone like Kanitha, I look back and think, “Where the heck was he my freshman year at Central?” I have since continually learned from Kanitha, while playing on his team, watching him coach, and just conversing about this topic, and have appreciate how his calmness in any situation on the court has slowly rubbed off on me. He has developed my game even after my great overall experience at Central and I continually challenge him to see just how far he can take my development. Let’s just say he is knows what he is doing!

Throughout the years of knowing him and watching him better each athlete he works with, from a stronger mental point to better volleyball skills, I am always amazed on how he connects with each person, no matter the skill level or age. His determination to break down each skill and accommodate the learning style of every athlete is the best I have seen. He uses cues specific to the athlete to hone in on the needed changes for improvement. He is committed to you from the moment he meets you and will do all he can to make you better at the overall game. Ask anyone who has come to Ronin to understand Kanitha’s desire to individualize the learning. You will see why Kanitha came up with the name RONIN. He is dedicated to making you your own warrior in the game and improving not only yourself, but the team you play with. He can demonstrate any skill and that is another reason you’ll admire him and his coaching style – he can show you what he asks of you! Kanitha will tell you that he did not have the most technical training early on and did not play club so he taught himself using his natural abilities during the best developmental years. His university coach had a great influence on him but the learning curve was quite steep since it was later in his competitive career. From his own learned skills to his university coach’s help, he is able to connect the smallest details to each athlete’s understanding, which will progress each RONIN’s volleyball skill set.

Kanitha LOVES volleyball, just ask anyone that talks to him – or ask him and be prepared for a good, long, interesting conversation! He lives and breathes this game and the proof is that he is still playing. From beach, to asphalt in the summer nine man tourney’s, and even indoor from fall to spring, his ailing yet nimble body will not keep him from playing. He wants to offer a coaching style he never really experienced and give unique information he learned on his own to players of all levels and ages to hopefully make a positive influence on each person’s game. Come check this guy out!