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Our youth HP program is ideal for OVA club athletes looking to improve on skill development and game strategy. Youth High Performance training is great throughout the the year: pre-season, mid-season, and off-season.


– Directly improve on problematic skills like spiking, serving, passing, & setting

– Increased playing time and play a bigger role on the team

– Proper technique reduces stress on shoulder and knees

Instructions are cue based and address specific areas that need development of particular skill.

– Improving wrist snap for a better top spin when spiking

– Shrugging shoulders 80% when passing with forearms to ensure platform is firm and steady

In addition to improved core fundamentals, sessions will also address game play strategy.  This will enable athletes to increase comprehension and competitiveness in volleyball.

To get started, we recommend the two session trial for $50.  Athletes will have a good idea of the value of the sessions and can decide whether to continue with the program.


Logos Fellowship Centre

Kanitha Boranprasit

Position: Outside hitter, right side hitter, libero
 Spiking, digging, serving, passing, volleying

Premier League – Bounce United
Premier League – Investors Group

University of Dalhousie – 2x AUS conference all-star
Seneca College – Seneca College Male Athlete of The Year, Most Valuable Player, OCAA – points record, aces record, & kills record


Class structure
  • Skill development 30-45 minutes
  • Integration of skills into play 30-45 minutes OR game play/strategy 30-45 minutes
Ages & levels

As long as the athletes are actively on an OVA team age does not matter for our program.  Drills will be individually oriented or athletes will be paired/grouped by experience level, which will ensure they are challenged just the right amount.

Classes will typically have two instructors.  Athletes will usually be separated into two groups, by experience level, and have a chance to work with both the instructors each class.

Cancellation policy

3 Hrs prior to the start of class without penalty.  To cancel, or view your account, click on ‘my account’ on the schedule above.

Cancellations within 3 Hrs of class start time will be considered a late cancel and a pass will be deducted.

Questions & inquiries

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