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Youth high performance



Nov 30 update (in conjunction w/ Oct 1 update below)
– 8 athletes max per class. Classes are 60 min long: 30 min on court, 30 min in hallway
– 30 min in hallway will include, but not limited to approach on jumping box, technique – footwork to pass and hit

Oct 1st update
– Masks are required everywhere, including when training. We recommend surgical masks, as they are easier to breathe in while training.
– ONLY participants permitted in the facility.
– Use North entrance (Gibson Dr) and sign in upon entering, and out when leaving.
– We will be practicing strict social distancing during training.

Team Ronin! 

About Youth High Performance (YHP)



Our YHP program is a perfect compliment to in-season training, as it develops key mechanics in skills that are typically overlooked in team practices.  Proper fundamentals will help athletes consistently perform at a high level, increase their playing time, and prevent injuries. 

An example of a key mechanic is improving wrist snap when spiking, a vital component that’s 90% responsible for top spin.  Top spin enables hitters to significantly improve their spiking control and transfer of power. As such we lead athletes through exercises that increase their wrist involvement and strength.


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105 Gibson Drive, Markham (Steeles & Warden)





How do tiers work?

We organize our classes and athletes by playing levels first, and generally by age second.  Tier 1 is generally beginners in middle school, tier 2 is intermediate in grade 9 and 10, and tier 3 is advance for grades 11 & 12. 

Note – athletes can be to assigned a higher or lower tiers depending on their development needs.  It’s important that they are challenged just the right amount and are working on addressing the skills they need to progress.

Generally, athletes begin in tier 1.  

Where do I start?

We recommend a 2-class trial for $50.  That way you’ll experience the program and can more easily decide how you’d like to move forward.

Are classes for girls and boys?

Yes, the classes are for both girls and boys.  Classes are usually 90% girls and 10% boys.

Can my child participate if they are not on a OVA club team?

Yes.  They are welcome to begin in YHP tier 1 classes.

Alternatively, they can join the Open program which is available to high school youths and adults.


What's the class structure?

Usually skill development for 30-40 minutes followed by skill integration, game play, for the remaining of class.  It will vary depending on the needs of participants in each class.

How often should my child train?

It depends on individual goals and schedule availability.  The majority of participants attend 2 consecutive classes 1 night a week.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Strong focus on technical part of the game. Team clubs are not doing this and it is critical to have your core skills developed correctly from the beginning.

Andrew Huebel

Mark was great at assessing and identifying ways for my daughter to improve. He worked with her on the things she wanted to focus on and also reviewed some of the fundamentals. My daughter is at a high level of play so she needed some pretty advanced coaching. She always improves after spending time at these sessions. We drive 40 minutes each way to get there but it’s well worth the time. Continue to be very impressed.

Maricon Aquino

Great instructors, focussed training, excellent feedback with immediate correction and coaching. My daughter attended their sessions over the course of the season last year and it was instrumental in improving her technique and especially her confidence. She liked it so much that we will be re-enrolling her again this year.

Hugh Hasan

flexible training options