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We make learning volleyball easy with experienced CIS & NCAA Division 1 player coaches, small classes, and feedback specific to you!

Take classes to improve your skills and play in Rumbles to put what you’ve learned in a game! Coaches usually play as well and provide feedback and guidance.

Ronin uses a 3 tier system and new athletes can only register for tier 1 classes.  At your first class a Ronin coach will assess your current skills and highlight the gaps you’ll need to address to move up to the next tier.  Here is more info on our tiered system.

The Open program is ideal for adults and high school youths.

NOTE: Reference the view details for class location and the locations page for directions. 1510 Birchmount is difficult to find.



expires 14 days from first use


Passes are valid for classes and Rumbles.  
8 pass & Spike Club memberships include a Ronin performance tee (one per athlete)


What level is the training for?

Classes are for beginner, Intermediate, and advanced athletes.  Each athlete begins in tier 1 and will progress up at his/her own pace.  Some will be moved up immediately, while some may take 10 or more sessions.  Athletes can attend any class at their respective tier or lower.

Should I take the classes an any particular order?

No.  We have already have set curriculum at each tier.  Athletes are strongly encouraged to attend lower level tiers to regularly develop their fundamentals.

How often should I train?

It really depends on your expectations and your commitment level.  We’re confident we can double your game every 20 classes, and that you’ll improve at an even faster rate for the next 20!

  • 2-3 /week: will make playing more fun.
  • 5-7 /week: you’ll beat your friends every time.
  • 8+ /week: you’ll forget what losing feels like.

When can I move up a tier?
Athletes are reviewed each month to see if they are ready to move up to the next tier.  If you feel you should be moved up sooner please email us using the contact form below and we will re-evaluate.
How do memberships work?

Our classes and games (Ronin Rumble) work on a token system.  The 8 or 20 pass is most flexible.  The Spike Club is l like a gym membership in that you can attend up to 10 classes each month and will auto-renew month-after-month.

8 Pass VS. Spike Club

The 8-Pass has a 3 month expiry, which offers more flexibility for athletes who can not commit regularly.  If they expire, it is $5.00/class to extend classes for an additional 3 months – i.e. 4 classes remaining on your 8 pass would be $20 for an additional 3 months.

The Spike Club is perfect for a frequent player.  It’s like a CrossFit membership in that it automatically renews every month.  You have a 10 passes passes to use each month on classes and Rumbles.

Spike Club - I'm out of passes for the month?!

If you’re out of passes you have two options.

  1. Email us using the email contact below and ask for us to move your next month up, which will give you access to passes immediately.
  2. Wait until you’re next monthly billing occurs.
Spike Club - I have unused passes

The program works like CrossFit gyms, as it is instructor led.  Passes must be used each month and do not carry over.  If you find you have passes left over regularly we recommend the regular 8 or 20 pass.

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